12 reasons you should adventure with a cat

cat pawing at insect

If you think cats are lazy, couch-dwelling creatures content to spend their lives watching the world through the window, you haven’t met the Adventure Cats.

These courageous kitties hike, camp, climb and even surf alongside their human companions, and here at AdventureCats.org, we spotlight these fearless felines, as well as offer detailed information on how your cat can become an adventure cat.

What’s so great about exploring the great outdoors with a cat? We’ve got 12 purrfect reasons why.

1. Cats make pawsome companions whether you climb meowntains…

cat climbing mountain

Photo: Alyse-Beth Avery

Felines can jump five times their height and put your bouldering skills to shame.

2. Explore forests…

kitten hiking in Rocky Mountains

Photo: Instagram.com/exploration_cat

Leash train your kitty and you’ll have the ultimate trail partner.

3. Or surf the sea.

woman surfing with cat on board

Photo: Krista Littleton

Have you ever seen a dog hang ten?

4. Getting outside is good for you and your kitty.

cat on leash hiking

Photo: Nathalia Valderrama M챕ndez

Adventuring is a great way for both you and your feline friend to get some exercise, and even taking a simple leashed walk around the neighborhood can be worthwhile. In addition to keeping your cat physically active, being outside provides mental stimulation, which can help with boredom-related behavioral problems.

5. Cats are always purr-pared.

what to pack for hike with cat

Photo: Cody Wellons

Adventure cats will make sure you’ve got all the gear you need. As a bonus, they’ll even sample the trail snacks and test the durability of your paracord.

6. Cats help you see nature in a new light.

Millie the cat walking through canyon

Photo: Craig Armstrong

Adventuring with a feline will open your eyes to all sorts of things you would’ve overlooked before.

?쏽ou see things you would not otherwise see,??said Craig Armstrong, Millie the climbing cat‘s human. ?쏽ou get lower to the ground, you move slower, you notice things she checks out that you would have walked right past. You get off the trail and find little gems you never would have seen.??/p>

7. Selfies are better with adventure cats.

cat on backpack outside

Photo: Erin Dush

There’s nothing original about a selfie of you and your dog on a hike, but you and your cat? That’s both unexpected and ameowzing.

8. Kitties make your tent feel like home.

cat in tent

Photo: Haley O?셊ourke

When you’re out on the trail, you won’t have air conditioning, gourmet meals or running water, but as all cat lovers know, home is where your cat is.

9. Adventure cats boldly go where no dog has gone before.

Omar the Sphynx cat explores the edge of the Grand Canyon

Photo: Sam혻Kriemelmeyer and Briana Bainbridge

They’re generally smaller, quieter and way less likely to bark, so kitties can often venture into areas that canines aren’t allowed.

10. Cats make the moment even more magical.

Georgie Boat Cat and Rainbow

Photo: Jessica Johnson

Whether you’re watching the sunrise from atop a meowntain or sailing beneath a rainbow, sharing the moment with your feline friend will make all your adventures even more memorable.

11. Cats are wild (and meowjestic) animals that deserve a little nature.

Photo: http://instagram.com/jesperpusen

Photo: Instagram.com/jesperpusen

While we bred dogs to fit our needs, cats essentially domesticated themselves, and after 9,000 years of living alongside us, scientists have concluded that they’re only semi-domesticated. Isn’t it time you let your little house panther indulge his wild side?

12. And most importantly, adventuring with a cat can save lives.

cat riding in canoe

Photo: Nicole Gaunt

Each year, 1.4 millions cats are killed in U.S. shelters, and part of the reason that number is so high is because of how we perceive cats and their owners. In fact, a PetSmart Charities survey found that the majority of people described cats as ?쐌oody??and ?쏿loof??and that 49 percent of people still buy into the ?쐁razy cat lady??stereotype.

But when people see you engaging with your cat in nature, you change their minds about what it means to be a cat owner ??and that translates into more kitties finding their fur-ever homes.

Interested in adventuring with man’s other best friend? Read up on the basics.

  • Judy Howard

    From one famous adventure cat, Sportster, “Scratch that travel itch! Leap the tallest fence!”