Artist captures ‘Shade the cat’ in ink

how Liz Cox illustrates cats
Take a look at Cox's process as she brings Shade to life with just a pen and paper.

Shade the cat is a fearless feline who scales red rocks and once even stared down a coyote. This month, our kitty illustrator, Liz Cox, captured Shade’s courageous spirit in the stylized drawing featured below.

When drawing one of her stunning illustrations, Cox says it helps to know a little about the cat’s story so she can add details that are unique to the cat and truly encapsulate the kitty’s spirit.

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“I wanted to create an illustration that shows how Shade is both a strong and elegant cat, and I think you can really see that here,” she told Adventure Cats.

Shade the cat illustration

Occasionally, Cox says she’ll even include a little something special, such as in this previous illustration where she hid the stone of an engagement ring because the kitten was part of a marriage proposal.

In addition to drawing inspiration from the individual kitties she’s sketching, Cox also looks to nature for ideas.

“The first thing I do before starting a new illustration is go on a long hike and take pictures of patterns and cool shapes I find in nature,” she said. “I always feel inspired after breathing in fresh air.”

Liz Cox is available to do a stylized drawing of your kitty ??regardless of whether your cat climbs mountains or simply climbs into your lap. Check out her website for contact information and follow her on Instagram.